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    ul. Redycka 77 51-169 Wrocław

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    All inquiries and reservations
    only by email.


    When asking, enter the date and time, number of people, activity, name and phone number. Thank you.


    The payment should be made only after receiving the booking confirmation along with the account number indicated.

    Fort Przygody, al. Kasprowicza 104, 51-145 Wrocław
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    • We do not serve customers with their own balls.
    • Promotional packages do not combine.
    • In the promotion, an additional 100 balls in the price of 20 PLN.
    • You can play paintball with any number of people
    • If you do not have a group you will be joined to another group.
    • We perform paintball games when ordering for a minimum of 1000 PLN.
    • Exclusive to the playing field when ordering for a minimum of 2,000 PLN.
    • By reserving and paying in advance you have the right to take advantage of the picnic area.
    • We combine groups up to a maximum of 40 people on one paintball field. At the same time, we can serve up to 100 people in our 3 paintball fields.

    People who fail to show up, will be under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants, will not comply with the regulations and safety rules presented by the instructors during the training. They will be temporarily or completely removed from participation in games or other activities. The payments made for games and accompanying attractions, e.g. quads or purchased tickets, are forfeited and are not exchanged for balls for other players or other benefits, and at the same time are not subject to complaint – due to the participant’s fault.

    How to get to the Fort

    Access by public bus number 116 last station. Then we go about 800 m.
    Entrance from ul. Redycka at FONBUD to the area of former military training grounds, then straight about 800 m according to signposts.