For women, men and children

With us, you can play even if you don’t have your own group, because almost every group is open. You can join a larger team and play more interesting games.

PAINTBALL – “… is one of the modern forms of active recreation, the sport of the 21st century. Currently, it is the most fashionable game – a strategic game in the world, for all who like strong impressions and sports competition. Hundreds of companies around the world participate in paintball competitions. . They give rest and relaxation after the hardships of the work of the week. The greatest advantage of paintball is that it shows the true nature of man. “. It’s a real war on colored paint balls. The only chance to feel like a hunter and a game in one moment. It is a game that provides high doses of adrenaline and a great chance to relieve the tense atmosphere in a group or team. It teaches team work and integrates its members.

Join the group

Call 514 144 314 or send an inquiry and check when you can join someone. We connect groups of up to 40 people on one paintball field. At the same time, in our 3 fields, we can service up to 100 people on our own equipment.

Individual package

Our offer allows you to choose an individual package with the possibility of combining several attractions at a promotional price. If you are organizing an event, ask during the booking what interesting we can offer for your group.

The place where the fun begins and ends is the technical base where you meet the instructor who conducts the entire event. After the instructors are presented, the uniforms are applied and the number of people is divided into 2 groups, uniforms and equipment are settled at the end of the game, i.e. after the paintball is finished. In the case of events with additional attractions, they are implemented interchangeably or during which depends on the agreed program. Before the start, instructors conduct training in the use of equipment and safety, and during the games, they arrange scenarios and provide all information regarding the rules, supervising the implementation of attractions.

We provide you with markers, protective head masks, protective clothing (trousers and a sweatshirt or overalls) in masking colors and a fixed number of balls according to the offer calculator … pcs / person. We offer different game scenarios depending on the involvement of participants and the field in which the game is implemented. As for the number of balls, you can increase the limit. During the game, we provide the participants with markers with HP or CO2 cylinders, masks, gloves, pants and sweatshirts).

FIELD is an area of ​​approximately 2 hectares, including two zones and two independent paintball fields, fenced around the perimeter with a 3-meter-high net. The fields include the area of ​​the meadow with brick buildings, bunkers, tire curtains, circles, a ditch with water and many other obstacles and curtains that we built so as to best develop the area of ​​the former military training ground.

If you choose the basic package and buy 200 balls on site, it is not possible to settle it as a promotional package.
Conversion according to: basic package + PLN 20 each additional 100 pcs of balls.
A promotional package only for strong groups declaring a uniform package for all participants when booking. It is possible to implement various options for quad rides, including a paintball participant leaving the game for the time of driving or a group grilling before or after paintball, during which they are driving).
We do not serve customers with their own balls regardless of the package ordered.