For different age groups

We can say it is perfect and the only legal in Wroclaw. This is a place where you can have fun with motor sport.

QUADS are four-wheeled single-person vehicles designed for moving in extremely difficult terrain. There is no obstacle that would pose a problem for this vehicle. At the beginning, the participants take a short training course during which they learn the basics of driving techniques and safety rules. After training, depending on the option chosen, it is possible to drive on a designated track or in the field – two-person groups under the supervision of an instructor.

we have ATV HONDA TRX 250 with a capacity of 250 cm 3 and terrain with various levels of difficulty.

Driving on a quad track

The track rides take place in a closed area with various obstacles such as driveways, ditches and pits. The length of the tracks on the track is about 1,500 meters of unforgettable impressions. Rides here take place with lighter quads, max 300cc. The area is also suitable for youth riding. There are a maximum of 4 quads on the track at one time. The instructor watches over the safety of participants in the central point of the track.

The track ride proposal is for those who do not necessarily want to bury themselves up to their knees in the mud and feel that the average difficulty level is perfect for them. Due to the size of the track, we recommend a 30-minute ride here.

For people who expect more extreme driving experience, we offer OFF-ROAD RIDING on difficult routes.

Off-road driving

Off-road rides are challenging clashes with difficult routes spread over a huge surface. Fragments of a post-tank training ground with a lot of mud, a series of hills, ditches and steep climbs. All this, of course, after completing the preliminary, easier routes. Such a ride is carried out for a maximum of 4 people – however, we often offer 2 or 3 person rides for safety reasons. In such terrain, we use 300-450cc quads and often 4×4 quads, otherwise we cannot do it. During off-road riding, the instructor on his quad always leads the convoy and ensures safety and ensures a strong experience, ensuring a route adapted to the skills of the participants.

Such a ride often pulls in only after some time and that is why we recommend 60-minute rides here. The obvious thing in such an area is a large amount of mud, so please remember about appropriate clothes and shoes (outer uniforms can be rented from us – but what is under them often also requires replacement after such fun).

In both driving versions

Driving is not possible for people who are under the influence of alcohol or other substances / substances prohibited while driving. It is decided by the instructor performing the service.

For the safety of participants, everyone must undergo training in safety rules and equipment operation. After the training, each participant signs a statement about renting a quad bike and reading the rules. During the ride, we provide: quad bike, fuel, helmet and the presence of an instructor. For the ride, you must prepare your own outfit (or rent it from us) and have appropriate footwear with a hard sole.

We drive quad bikes in groups of up to 3-4 people + instructor. For larger groups, we offer additional attractions or a bonfire / barbecue while waiting for the ride. Ask for details when booking. Quantity limitation is due to participant safety, not hardware limitation.

ATTENTION! Each participant rents a quad while driving, so any damage to the equipment caused by inappropriate driving behavior will be calculated and settled on the spot.