Ask for more of our attractions and options when booking

Paintball pricelist


Package for groups in which each participant in advance during the booking decides to (400 balls, marker, cylinder, Co2 or HP gas, mask, gloves, coveralls) promotional package prices valid only if the package is booked in advance for the whole group.

140 PLN/person


Package for groups in which each participant in advance decides on (500 balls, marker, cylinder, Co2 or HP gas, mask, gloves, coverall) promotional package prices valid only with prior package reservation for the whole group.

150 PLN/person


Package for a group of minimum 10 people includes: 800 balls/person, pyrotechnics, advanced scripts along with props, radio communication during the game and full-function carabiners for selected functional players.

250 PLN/person


Package (200 balls, marker, Co2 or HP gas, mask, gloves, coverall).

95 PLN/person


 – role-playing game – PLN 20/person
Description: The whole game – all scenarios closed with a story (World War II, Afghanistan, Mongolia or Star Wars – the scenario depends on the size of the group, age of participants and weather conditions – the choice depends only on the instructor).
The price includes: props related to the theme, pyrotechnics and special equipment. Role-playing games available only for groups of more than 20 people.

25 PLN/person

Paintball for children pricelist

Paintball Junior (SPLATMASTER) 7 – 12 years old

It is the most frequently chosen attraction for birthdays and class trips. Price per person – minimum 12 children.

70 PLN/person

Paintball 13 – 18 years old

School groups, birthday parties for teenagers, etc.


25 PLN/100 pcs

Driving Quads pricelist

The choice of track or off-road version is at the time of booking.
Important! It is not possible to change it on site.

Driving on the track

Including quad bike, helmet, instruction, fuel, instructor care.
Attention! The minimum booking is 2 people for 30 minutes or 1 for 60 minutes.

30 minutes: 150 PLN
60 minutes: 280 PLN

Off-road driving

Including quad bike, helmet, instruction, fuel, pilot instructor.

30 minutes: 150 PLN
60 minutes: 300 PLN

Off-road quad riding, the instructor drives the children

Including quad bike, helmet, instructor, fuel.

60 minutes: 300 PLN

2 Mini electric quads

Driving on a designated flat track, children 4-8 years old (weight up to 25 kg).

Including 2 quad bike, 2 helmet, instruction, quad power supply, terrain.

300 PLN/hour

Rental of clothes for quad riding

Anti-mud suit, shoe protectors, gloves for adults for quad riding.

20 PLN/piece

The above price list applies to individual and group rides. Each group event is calculated individually.

We drive quad bikes in groups of up to 3-4 people + instructor. For larger groups, we offer additional attractions or a bonfire or barbecue while waiting for the ride. Ask for details when booking. The quantity limitation is due to the safety of the participants, not the hardware limitation.

Booking of dates

Booking english only by reservation form. The order of entries will decide about saving.

In the absence of e-mail contact within 24 hours after your reservation, please contact us again.

Our employee will check availability of dates and enter contact details into our system.

The arrival of a smaller number of people than those reserved is tantamount to losing a deposit for persons who have not arrived (it is not exchangeable for balls).

fter setting up the initial booking, we will send you a message to the e-mail address provided along with the offer. Pre-booking is valid for 72 hours and during this time the next step is to pay a deposit of at least 20-50 PLN per person to confirm the booking.
The amount of the deposit can be increased depending on the amount of the final order – applies to events with many attractions – individual calculations.
Watch out for dates in the email, reservations are automatically deleted.

Please do not make a deposit if you do not receive a written confirmation of the reservation. The payments without a written reservation will be returned to the account from which they will be reduced by the cost of performing a refund.

Final settlement at the latest after the end of the game payable in cash.
The date of deposit payment specified in the booking confirmation is the maximum date, and the payment is understood as the amount posted on our account.

After the deposit payment, please send an e-mail to: info(at) confirmation of the transfer with information about the number of people.
After booking the deposit, the reservation is paid and confirmed by e-mail.

If you do not pay the deposit within the prescribed period, the reservation will be deleted without any notice.

If the booking is confirmed and the group does not appear on the playing field within the prescribed period, the down payment is not refundable!