Each tour begins and ends with an adventure in the fort ?

We invite you to visit Fort Przygody during school and after-school activities. Our offer is a great proposition for the organization of lessons and outside lessons during special school days such as: Spring Day, Children’s Day, Baked Potato Festival as well as the beginning or end of the school year. The program of staying in the Fort depends on the amount of time the group has and the budget.

Each program proposal is prepared for the needs and size of the group, and the prices start.
All school groups, regardless of age, who will come to Fort Przygody on Monday – Friday with the program between 9:00 and 15:00, can count on special prices.

We also have ready-made diagrams: e.g. Paintball Junior, bonfire, outdoor sports games, field games with searching for items and tasks.

We have a special offer for all school groups interested in spending time in Fort Przygody.

As part of your stay in the Fort, you will spend time actively and your memories will remain in your memory for a long time.

A large green area, warehouses full of equipment enabling active and interesting spending of time outdoors are important elements of our offer.