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Fort Adventures was created in 2011 as a result of a combination of passion with many years of experience. Our name is no coincidence, it’s really a stylish location and an adventure encounter. Paintball and the organization of integration events are our passion. We are already 13 years old and thanks to our experience accumulated all these years, we are able to professionally handle every integration event.

We do good parties because:


We have a professional approach in every inch


We are a good team


Our offer is comprehensive


We have an individual approach to the customer


We always attach the utmost importance to safety


All details are prepared with great realism


We have equipment that meets all the requirements


Our magazines are bursting at the seams with props, equipment and accessories


Fort for adults

  • paintball – paintball games involving the implementation of individual tasks limited by time
  • paintball – scenario games LARP – unique atmosphere, scenarios and equipment, including communications and pyrotechnics used to carry out tasks
  • SPEEDBALL – a sports variation of paintball based on games in small teams with the task of eliminating the opponent or capturing his base. For this purpose, we use a special paintball field with inflatable obstacles 9, this form can also be adapted as family games with the participation of children.
  • QUADs driving the track – driving on the track during picnics is up to 5 minutes per person, if they are individual rentals, minimum time 30 or 60 minutes
  • QUADs off-road riding – field trips in the form of picnics last at least 10 minutes – determined individually in accordance with the event agenda. for individual rentals, it is a minimum of 30 or 60 minutes
  • a finger throw – a competition that arouses a lot of emotions among men, involving a lot of physical and mental effort
  • firefighter track – many exciting team or individual tasks on time, including fire fighting
  • bumper ball – a football match in a special outfit for 2 teams of up to 5 people
    field games with Escaperoom elements the goal is to find checkpoints in the field with the help of descriptions, associating facts, places and hints obtained by completing individual tasks
  • field games with elements of orientation in the field – the goal is to find checkpoints in the field with the help of a map and visual orientation. In more advanced options, we use compasses, compasses and GPS coordinates.
  • SCORE-DRINKO-LAUF is a specific orienteering event during which people are looking for … bottles with drinks (yogurt, juice, chocolate, etc.) in the forest. Participants complete the route individually, in pairs or as a team. All competitors start simultaneously. Everyone is equipped with a map and a bottle opener. Playing requires cleverness, intuition and the ability to associate facts. What is the reward for these qualities and effort? – An unusual chance to taste all the drinks found in the forest (and marked on the map). The only problem is … other players who, for obvious reasons, want to be the first to approach “our bottles”. The game can be realized during the day as well as at night. The route is approx. 2 – 8 km. Of course, there is a final play time, after this time is exceeded, teams that do not return to the base are disqualified.
  • grill and recreation area (more details)
  • a walk for the bottle – a mental and strength competition based on covering the longest possible distance by one competitor attached to a special rope
  • STRONG MEN – Lumberjack COMPETITION – Cutting and chopping wood. When competing with another person or team, halve the log as quickly as possible. Moving the rock. Pulling the car on the rope. Rolling up the barrel. Pulling the ship’s rope. Driving nails of various sizes and sizes

Fort for adults and children

  • paintball shooting range – a special place with the possibility of shooting objects from a paintball marker. Possible recreational option and competition for points
  • ASG shooting range – a special place with the possibility of firing a target from replicas of rifles. Possible recreational option and competition for points
    air rifle shooting range – a special place with the possibility of firing an air rifle target. Possible recreational option and competition for points
  • shooting range bow – a special place with the possibility of shooting a target with a bow. Possible recreational option and competition for points
  • paintball junior (more details)
  • paintball up 14 years old – they play on equipment for adults (more details)
  • Archer Tag – a special field with fixed or inflatable obstacles, where you have to eliminate the opposing team with bows and special arrows with a sponge tip. Possible option of recreational games with the capture of enemy ammunition.
  • electric quads weight limit up to 28 kg – small special electric quads giving great fun and a lot of joy to the youngest participants of picnic events. Weight and height restriction.
  • Quad bike ride on the track as a passenger – only for children – our instructor will take a ride on the track for the youngest picnic participants. Weight and height restriction.
  • race triple pants and piping – you must overcome a certain distance in special pants and with the use of special pipes
  • matches – gladiators – with the help of special pipes, eliminate the opponent by hitting or pushing him from the platform
  • minefield – search for hidden objects in a limited area with the help of a metal detector
  • field games with elements of field orientation, depending on the options and age of participants, can be enriched with elements of puzzles, tasks or ciphers
  • hauling the ship’s rope
  • Slack Line – a walk on a specially prepared belt, about 8 m long, suspended about 80 cm above the ground, walk so that you do not fall off. Duration: about 20 minutes, 1 group of 10 people.
  • climbing wall, rope bridge, vertical fire ladder
  • historic truck from World War II – takes a maximum of 18 people and a recreational drive around the fort on roads and off-road (it can be enriched with a historic gazebo for 6 people and an ambulance – exhibition exhibit
  • rescue obstacle course
  • grenade throw – of course, it is a replica of a grenade with the task of a precise throw to the target MINI EUROBANGE – only for children – is an extended version of a trampoline with the protection of the jumper by installing a special harness that provides protection. The person jumping feels safe and the jumps are free and give a lot of fun.
  • inflatable castles and agility lanes – a wide range of inflatable devices tailored to the needs and budget of the customer
  • PHOTO BOOTH – a stand where, using various gadgets, wigs, we can take a commemorative photo with the inscription (text to be agreed)

Fort for children

  • painting on t-shirts – colorful, fancy, cheerful, unique – your t-shirt. Made by own hands, painted with special acrylic paints intended for fabrics. You will be able to transform into a designer and create your own T-shirt, e.g. with your name, favorite hero or other drawing straight from your heart, or draw a pattern and create a unique piece of clothing.
  • soap bubbles show – beautiful, colorful, small or large, each one is different, unique and makes an amazing impression. A special liquid and a variety of strings will help you create unique bubbles. A station with a bubble-making area and a professional soap bubble instructor are available. Here, children will have the opportunity to make bubbles, bubbles and mega-balls, all of them becoming more and more colorful. We use professional soap bubble liquids.
  • face painting – a moment of attention, creative brush movements and a colorful creature is already looking at us. After a while, it is fun and colorful at a picnic or a festival. Freehand and stencil paintings. The rental price includes the arrangement of the stand and certified face paints.
  • glitter tattoos – dragon, butterfly, flower or maybe a character from a fairy tale? Tattoos are a beautiful, shiny body ornament that stays on the skin for a long time. Glitter tattoos are an ideal alternative to henna tattoos, they do not cause allergies and can be washed off at any time. They are a great souvenir from events. On orders, you can make a template with the company logo or a pattern of your choice.
  • painting with paints on stretch – an art game that stimulates the senses. At the set up stands, e.g. around trees, children awaken creativity in a large painting space and create colorful paintings. The stand is prepared with a transparent or black stretch, paints and brushes.
  • Winnie the Pooh mascot – a walking mascot will take children to the world of the Hundred-dollar Forest and give them “lots of warm and fluffy” from his pot full of sweets. It gives a fairy-tale atmosphere, children love it. Winnie the Pooh is a mascot liked by both boys and girls. It is perfectly made, of pleasant-to-the-touch material and it realistically reflects the figure of a honey-like teddy bear. It is perfect for playing with children, and also as a mascot handing out flyers or candies.
  • creative corner – this stand is a paradise for small visual artists! Participants create their original works from various materials on a selected subject. 3 hours minimum. The rental price includes the arrangement of the stand, the care of qualified staff and all kinds of art materials.
  • Trick Logic domino stand – the Trick Logic tile system with accessories is great entertainment for everyone, regardless of age and gender. It combines elements of fun and creative and logical thinking. They support the development of not only children and adolescents, but also adults in terms of the perception of space and motor skills.
    Domino zone – arranging lines of snakes, – presentation of domino techniques and tricks, – thematic table with 2 boards – professional table (free layouts). On the table, 600 tiles and accessories, a balancing board. SkyScraper zone – building design – spatial structures, – building the highest towers and structures. Supports one animator. SkyScraper competition – construction of a skyscraper included in the price.
  • glycerin soaps – they can be produced depending on the creativity of the creator, in almost any color, perfumed and enriched with caring and decorative substances. The production of glycerin soaps is simple, the participants, after adding ingredients, mixing and pouring into the mold and solidifying, receive a ready-to-use glycerin soap.
  • toddler zone – a zone for the youngest children, where everyone will find attractions for themselves. An animation scarf full of rainbow colors catches the eye and encourages to play. Colorful tunnels, houses, mega blocks to build a tower or a house, tables with coloring books. The world of toys that stimulate the child’s activity and are the most fun. We provide technical facilities, a tent, colorful tables and chairs, costumes for animators. Toys and play products have appropriate approvals.
  • blocks zone – let’s play big city builders! Where will our imagination take us? To build a minecraft world or for a princess’ palace? Or maybe we will create a collage and combine different blocks and different worlds? It depends only on the participants. They will be provided with LEGO bricks, LEGO DUPLO, wooden magnetic kooglo bricks, and Clicksy bricks. Hundreds of different combinations can be made from them, limited only by the imagination of children.
  • zorba – spherical ball – A twisted attraction that all children love! A big blue ball to which, after entering, we can roll in the meadow – children’s joy and crazy dizziness guaranteed. An irreplaceable attraction at picnics, always crowded with children. A gigantic transparent “bubble” (3.5 m in diameter!), Inside which the little participants roll with the ball with the help of the instructor.
    inflatable castle – a unique attraction loved by all children. It guarantees unforgettable fun in the fresh air, and due to its size it is also suitable for closed rooms. The dimensions of the castle are 200 cm x 200 cm, height 160 cm. The set includes a blower that pumps the lock by itself in less than a minute. For children aged 1-6 years.
  • obstacle course and tug of war – you can’t miss these attractions! There will be a lot of exercise and lots of laughter. We most often base the game on cooperation and involvement in activity. The highly emotional competitions emerge from the groups of leaders, cunning, calm or the strongest. It doesn’t matter who, it’s important that everyone is having a great time.
  • pin workshops – the perfect souvenir from the event! We design badges according to our own design! Creativity is appreciated. With the help of a special machine, we will create stamps called buttons or pins. We create pins with dimensions of 56 mm and 37 mm. It is possible to design the stamp according to the needs, e.g. with the date and logo of the organizer.
  • helium dream balloons – a perfect idea for any party, because who wouldn’t want dreams to come true? The participants prepare their dreams, we put them in the balloon and with the help of a magic spell we release the balloon that carries his wish upwards! Helium balloons are also a beautiful decoration and souvenir if the weather does not allow them to fly into the sky.
  • balloon animals – how to make a cat, dog, or maybe a giraffe out of a balloon? The twisting of oblong balloons is a great attraction, stimulating the imagination of children. We create animals or accessories necessary for further fun. A great souvenir to take home guaranteed!
  • colorfully hairstyle – colorful braids will no longer be associated only with holidays. Amazing and colorful hair ornaments will remain a memento of the picnic fun. Each of the little ladies is braided with beads and feathers, and the boys are provided with an unforgettable mohawk.
  • star tent – a single-mast star tent distinguished by an unusual shape that can accommodate from 30 to 60 people seated. A great solution for an event, an outdoor party, a toddler zone as a roof and completely empty space in the open.
    Its special features: * convenient transport * easy and quick assembly * waterproof and flame-retardant material * tent base 14 m between the fixing points * height 5 m at the mast at the entrances up to 180 cm on the curve * 30 to 60 people seated depending on the arrangement plan. The tent can be set up only on grassy ground with the possibility of driving in the anchors to a depth of about 4.5 cm.

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    For adults and children
    paintball shooting rangeASG shooting rangeair gun shooting rangeshooting range bowpaintball juniorpaintball up 14 yearsArcher Tagelectric quads weight limit up to 28 kgdriving a quad on the track as a passengertriple pants and piping racematches - gladiatorsminefieldpulling the ship's ropeSlack Lineclimbing wall, rope bridge, vertical fire ladderhistoric WWII truckgrenade throwPHOTO BOOTH

    Dla dla dzieci
    painting on T-shirtssoap bubbles showface paintingglitter tattoospainting with paints on the stretchWinnie the Pooh mascotcreative cornerTrick Logic domino positionglycerin soapstoddler zoneblock zonezorba - spherical ballinflatable castleobstacle course and tug of warpin workshopshelium dream balloonsballoon animalscolorfully hairstylestar tentother - write in the message what animations you are interested in, and we will organize them for you

    Zone grill and recreation

    Especially for our customers we have prepared a barbecue and grilling zone consisting of a volleyball court with a ball, mini football pitch with a ball, barbecue shelter (kitchen for larger events containing cooling counters for drinks, a large 3-seat barbecue for events up to 100 people, several places of focal and barbecue for recreational time after the end of activity. Sanitary facilities: TOI cabins, washbasin with cold water.

    Each place is equipped and consists of: sheds or a tent (selected for the size of the group, sheds have lighting and connection to 230 V) there is a possibility of grilling or use of a bonfire (please select when booking) is equipped with benches, tables, grill (kindling, tongs, coal up to 10 kg), place a bonfire (wood 1 m 3, kindling, sausage poles).
    Fee for the use of the zone: 15 PLN / person

    Additional payment for:

    • bonfire from 1 m3 of wood for bonfire: 100 zł,
    • an additional 1 m3 of firewood: 100 zł,
    • lighting of a shed or tent from AKU: 50 zł,
    • possibility of using the 230 V electrical connection and lighting of the sheds up to 5 kw:
      * up to 6 hours – 150 zł
      * over 6 hours – 200 zł,
    • przyłącze powyżej 5kW i max 20 kW – do indywidualnej kalkulacji,
    • music set: column with laptop input, SD, USB, BT – play list on their own – the price depends on other services – the minimum 100 PLN,
    • each service configuration is calculated individually – please contact us.