Extreme Adventure Park “Fort Przygody”

Our Mission

Fort Adventures, our name is no coincidence, it’s a really stylish location and an adventure meeting. Paintball and the organization of integration events is our passion.

We organize special events for schools, events for children, business events, fairs and exhibitions, brand promotions, company picnics, birthday parties and much more. We have several dozen paintball markers, we have several hundred uniforms, our own compressors, quads and dozens of other equipment needed to professionally organize great fun, and of course a team of people responsible for the course of the event.

Fort Przygody was established in 2011 as a result of a combination of passion and many years of experience. We have been dealing with it for 14 years and thanks to our experience accumulated over the years, we are able to professionally handle each integration event. As part of the company, we conduct stationary and outgoing activities. We have extensive experience in organizing events in the Sowie Mountains and a proven accommodation and catering base. As part of the company, we conduct stationary and outgoing activities.

Stationary activities

It is operating 7 days a week, excluding holidays – Extreme Amusement Park “Fort Adventures” (it is possible to use the park on holidays after agreeing the conditions) offering services in the field of organizing active integration, recreational, incentive and events.
Only with us in one place you can organize an adventure event including: paintball, quads, off-road, rope bridges over the water, rafting or canoeing, orienteering games, shooting competitions, animations for children, inflatable boats and many other interesting attractions.

Why us?


We are a good team

We have a professional approach in every way.


Our offer is comprehensive

We prepare the details with great realism.


The equipment meets all approvals

Storerooms filled with props and accessories.

Robert Kepowicz

Robert Kepowicz

Robert Kepowicz

Sylwester Pałuk